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        olly Greene has over 15 years of experience in the creative design industry, working with up-and-comming and mass market brands. Molly's expertise is in translating the clients visual messaging to create a cohesive and singular brand voice. She offers a full spectrum of creative services working across multiple platforms of brand communication.


Molly moved to NYC to accept a scholarship to TISCH School of the Arts at New York University. After school, she worked in branding, design and production with some of the top talents in NYC including; Tina Brown at the Daily Beast, Diane Von Furstenberg, and agencies such as IAC, Code and Theory and Campfire Media. In 2003, Molly started her own production agency in NYC with clients including: DVF,  Naeem Khan, Anna Sui, Vivian Tam, to name a few. She moved to Palm Beach and started GREENEiDENTITY her boutique branding company working with emerging, intermediate clients.




Molly spent 4 Years as the Creative Director of the award winning magazine, Muses & Visionaries. Helping take it from regional distribution to national distribution in just 2 years. Molly was responsible for the visual direction from cover to cover and leading the creative design of the layout of each issue as well as the concept development and art direction of all fashion and cover photo shoots. The full issues can be see here.


Last year Molly relaunched her skin care product, Nomad OYYL. This is an updated version of the original formula, Miracle Oil, which debuted at Molly's eponymous East Village, NYC boutique Go Girl in 2002. The original oil developed a cult following, so Molly set out to perfect the formula and create a blend that is 100% organic and  sustainably sourced.  A lifelong adventure traveler she has logged countless miles and understands the importance of a multi-purpose product. NOMADOYYL.COM


Nomad OYYL / M&V Magazine  / Go Girl & East Four



Nomad OYYL

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 Nomad OYYL is the perfect travel or bedside companion - used to moisturize skin, hydrate lips and smooth hair. Nomad OYYL cleanses, removes make-up and can also be mixed with foundation to give a more even coverage and help hydrate so that make-up does not look thick or chalky. The warm, fragrant and intoxicating nature of Nomad OYYL can be attributed to the rockstar of spices, cardamom, which is worshiped for its aphrodisiac qualities and compliments the rest of Nomad’s tribe of essentials. Some of the other key players are Camellia Oil, a small molecule oil and beauty secret of the Geishas, used to restore pH balance and buffer the skin from environmental pollutants as well as Rose hip seed oil, packed with anti oxidants to combat free radicals and evening primrose to calm skin and balance nutrients. Nomad OYYL is airline approved, a perfect size to carry in your smallest travel bag and an ideal in-flight hydrator.






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